Paint by Numbers

Does painting like a pro when you are barely a painter seems like a dream to you? If yes, then you have come to the right place to get your dream fulfilled!

Paint by Numbers allows aspiring and dedicated crafts lovers to paint stellar masterpieces by indicating how, when and where to put the paint and blend it to get the perfect picture. Using the concept much paralleling the idea of connecting the dots or match the colors, Paint-by-Numbers have kits that are lightly marked with grey or blue lines that encapsulate a number or a symbol within. Each number or symbol corresponds to a certain paint color that is signified on an instruction sheet that comes with the kit. Thus, by matching the color with the number, one can paint wonderous pieces of paintings in the shortest amount of time and with minimal background knowledge of painting. Sounds interesting? It most definitely is! Paint-by-Numbers is a beloved crafts project that intrigues beginners and pros, young and adults alike because of its accessible, instructional and fun-inducing method. And we here at Epic Paint-by-Numbers want to provide an enhanced, epic experience of painting with numbers, which is why we not only provide a vast variety of kits but also methods, tips and tricks to perfect your art of painting with numbers!

Our collection of Paint by Number kits

Our collection of Paint by Number kits is highly exclusive and variegated. We promise the best quality of our products, from sturdy canvases to vibrant paints, that allow you to create your painting in the best way possible. Apart from quality, we offer a huge collection of Paint-by-Numbers kits. Our designs range from the very simplistic to highly complex. Themes like seasons, holidays, locations, people, flora, fauna and even customized items are our domain, and we ensure to provide each canvas created with utmost love and care, so as to cater to your quality requirements. You want it, we got it!

Our Service

We here at Epic Paint-by-Numbers believe in providing you with not only the best and variegated collection of Paint-by-Numbers kits, but also the assistance you may need in order to create the perfect canvas of painting as you want. Therefore, our team has put together a compilation of tips, tricks and how-to tutorials that will help you in your journey of painting with numbers. From something as simple as helping you unpack the kit to using tricks to create expert-level Paint-by-Numbers canvases, we have compiled blog posts that will help you on your journey of becoming an epic Paint-by-Numbers expert!

Our Promise

We understand that there is nothing more irritable or worse than staring a new crafts project, and that too something as amazing and promising as Paint-by-Numbers and finding out that the kit is not worth the quality that you initially opt for. To make sure you never have to experience something as bas as this, we promise that here at Epic Paint-by-Numbers, each of our kit has been designed with love, care and concision to produce material of the utmost quality. From canvases to paintbrushes, we use the materials of highest quality that may be able to provide you with the most epic experience od Paint-by-Numbers. Apart from the promise of our product quality, we offer you the promise of a supportive customer care service that is ready to help you 24/7 and provide you with relevant information as well as assistance to use Paint-by-Numbers kit. Lastly, we here at Epic Paint-by-Numbers promise to provide you with an epic experience of painting with numbers that will not only sate your inner artist, but also help you create an epic painting done using the products from Epic Paint-by-Numbers. Thus, our promiseYour epic experience.

Our Story

An epic experience is only formed through epic products. We have believed in creating these moments of epic experiences for our beloved customers by providing them with products made with love, care and concision. The story of our journey that started Epic Paint-by-Numbers was defined in the most unexpected of the ways, and through an experience that can be termed as quite epic.

After years of trying to find the perfect Paint-by-Numbers kit, it is understandable if one is on the verge of giving up. Poor quality, inconvenient shipping methods, missing components…. It had been a journey of trials that only gave errors, no positive result. I was getting tired and was just about to find a new crafts project to work on, when some divine force intervened, and I was provided with an epic opportunity to try out Paint-by-Numbers one last time. One fine day, it was a blessed opportunity to have bought a Paint-by-Numbers kit off a shop that was closing down. When I came home and unboxed the kit, the experience was phenomenal. High quality canvas, brilliantly colored paints, fully-stocked kit…. It was the perfect Paint-by-Numbers kit. Alas, the next time I went by the shop, it had shut down, and there was no trace of any such exquisite Paint-by-Numbers kit from then on.

It was my epic experience of enjoying working with such a high-quality crafts kit that led me to start Epic Paint-by-Numbers. The belief that great products help to define epic experiences of indulging in crafts projects like Paint-by-Numbers was inspired by my experience with that one amazing crafts kit, and I intended firmly to provide others with such experiences that indulged their senses and gave them a holistic, epic experience of painting by numbers. Thus, Epic Paint-by-Numbers was born, bringing with it the eternal promise of quality and excellence.

We here at Epic Paint-by-Numbers trust in the principles of quality assurance, customer care and creating epic experiences. The latter cannot be done without the former two, thus we indulge in the practices of providing high-quality products with 100% return/refund policy in case of accidental damage or loss, highly streamlined communication for customer care and free shipping worldwide, so no one remains devoid of the epic experience we help in creating. Our love for creating beautiful crafts projects and our promise to deliver the very best products and services is what drives us; and we hope to deliver what we have promised so every crafts-lover may have an epic experience while working with their Paint-by-Numbers kit, provided by Epic Paint-by-Numbers!

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