Benefits of Paint by Numbers

Benefits of Paint-by-Numbers

A thing about crafts projects that makes them stand out a lot is their ability to contribute widely to the benefits added to our lives as a result of taking up such hobbies. Paint-by-Numbers, similarly, has a large variety of benefits that it provides its lovers, making it so much more than a hobby involving messing around with paints and canvas. Due to its methodical process and fun-filledprocedure, Paint-by-Numbers becomes one of the most beneficial crafts project out there.

Painting by number benefits

If you are still contemplating as to how beneficial Paint-by-Numbers as a crafts form can be, we have compiled a list of the amazing benefits that Paint-by-Numbers provides you with, both mentally and physically. Keep on reading to find out!

  1. Reduces stress

Paint-by-Numbers allows you to reduce your stress. This is because the process of painting with numbers requires utmost precision and concision, which can only come all the stress and entangling thoughts of the mind have been pushed away. The fun-filled process of Paint-by-Numbers is also helpful in bringing about a stress-relief since you are able to indulge in your favourite crafts hobby without any care in the world for the time being.

Painting by number reduce stress
  1. Anxiety-reliever

Anxiety is often the product of impeding thoughts and pushing terrors that the modern world brings with it. If you have adopted Paint-by-Numbers as your hobby, it helps to calm down your nerves and relieve you of the impending anxious thoughts you may be having. Hobbies are a good way of coping with stress and anxiety, and a hobby like Paint-by-Numbers, which mixes method, colors, painting and concentration allows you to cope with that stress and anxiety in the best possible way.

painting by number anxiety reliever
  1. Improves concentration

The process of Paint-by-Numbers asks for concentration because it involves one to carefully put the right amount and color of paint onto the paintbrush and then paint within lines that form an intricate design. In order to correctly paint the canvas, one is required to be concentrated and precise, thus Paint-by-Numbers helps one to improve their concentration skills.


  1. Enhances fine motor skills

Fine motor skills are the skills that involve the coordination of small muscles, such as that of fingers and joints, usually in synchronization with the eyes. These muscles help one to exhibit their dexterity in the manual tasks done in daily life.

Paint-by-Numbers helps in the enhancement of fine motor skills because the process of painting within fine lines and with precision and concentration becomes an exercise for the better movement of motor skills.

Painting by number
  1. Enhances cognitive functions

Cognitive functioning is a term referring to a human’s ability to exhibit mental functions such as thinking, remembering, rationalizing, hypothesizing, reasoning, problem-solving etc. Cognitive functions can be enhanced through multiple different activities that involve complex or intricate processes, or processes that have a meditative touch to it. Such processes catalyze the brain and help one’s brain to be used to its capacity as much as possible. One such process can be done as easily as possible, and it involves painting with numbers. Yes, Paint-by-Numbers is a great crafts project that can help you to enhance your cognitive function. By working closely with paints and canvases, blending colors, correcting mistakes if made etc., one can use Paint-by-Numbers as a process to enhance one’s cognitive functions.

Woman paint by number


  1. Meditative craft

Paint-by-Numbers is a simple, yet extremely beneficial crafts form due to multiple reasons as mentioned above. However, one very noteworthy aspect of Paint-by-Numbers is its quality of being a meditative craft. The meditative aspect comes as a result of the methodical process of Paint-by-Numbers, which requires one to carefully take paint on their paintbrush and apply it to the canvas, blending it in perfectly to create beautiful hues. The process is slow, rhythmic and thus meditative, helping one to get the peace of their mind that crafts hobby is supposed to give.

Painting by number meditation

  1. Imagination and Creative Skills Development

Crafts projects help you to enhance your imaginative and creative skills. With the endless opportunity to choose from a variegated collection of canvases at Epic Paint-by-Numbers, one can see how Paint-by-Numbers gives your imagination a kick, letting your creative juices flow as you experiment with paints and colors to create stunning pieces of painted art. Through the process of painting on canvases with intricate designs, one obtains an inspiration that can help the development of one’s imagination and creative skills that furthers you on a journey to become a master Paint-by-Numbers artist!

Painting by number Kit

Now that you have a plenty of reasons in form of healthy benefits that can compel you to turn to a crafts project as amazing as Paint-by-Numbers, what are you waiting for?
Go to our extensive collection of Paint-by-Numbers canvases and choose your favorite one so that you can embark on a journey to become an epic Paint-by-Numbers artist!

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