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Frequently Asked Questions:

Like with every crafts project, there comes a plethora of questions with Paint-by-Numbers. From canvases to paintbrushes, there are lots of queries that make one wonder about how to go about the entire process of painting with numbers. Keeping this notion of the queries that accompany the process of Paint-by-Numbers, we here at Epic Paint-by-Numbers have compiled a list of all the frequently asked questions and answered them with the extensive and growing expertise that we have regarding Paint-by-Numbers. Keep on reading to find out about FAQs, and their subsequent answers:

  1. What is Paint-by-Numbers?

Paint-by-Numbers is a kit craft, that is, a crafts project that comes in the form of a kit that includes multiple components that allows you to complete the crafts project. It was started in 1950s as a crafts project to assist one’s painting aspirations, as it comes with a canvas that has been lined and numbered. Each number indicates where a certain color of paint is to be used. Thus, it is an easy way to guide one as to how they should be painting a full-fledged canvas.

  1. What comes with my kit?

Each Paint-by-Numbers kit as sold by Epic Paint-by-Numbers comes with the following components:

  • A numbered canvas
  • Pots of paints that go with the painting. The paint is acrylic.
  • Paint brushes
  • Wooden stretchers (optional)
  1. How to deal with a wrinkled canvas?

Due to packaging and shipping, there may be chances of you receiving a canvas that has been crumpled or ruined over the course of its travel from the shipping unit to you. Do not worry! To

get the wrinkles out of a Paint-by-Numbers canvas, do the following:

  • Place the wrinkled canvas on a flat surface like a marble slab top or iron board, facedown.
  • Make sure that the canvas is taut. The idea is to stretch out the canvas so that no wrinkles remain once you iron them out.
  • Using your iron on low heat, carefully iron out the wrinkles. Make sure you do not burn the canvas.
  • In case ironing the canvas dry does not work out for you, cover the canvas with the damp towel.
  • Setting the iron on normal heat, carefully iron out the wrinkles from the canvas.
  • If the normal heat doesn't work, turn up the heat a little bit. Make sure it isn't too hot .

Note: please ensure care while working with the iron. You do not want to burn yourself or the canvas. Using too much water may cause the numbers on the canvas to disappear, so make sure that you only use damp cloth or towel in case of dire need.

  1. How many colors of paint will come with my kit?

The colors of paint come according to the needs of your painting. The paint colors are almost always enough to suffice your painting needs, however in case of lost paint, you may be able to request for new colors from your sellers.

  1. How to blend in paint if I am not an artist?

The whole idea of Paint-by-Numbers is to let people who are not truly artists in the conventional sense, but aspire to be, to paint as smoothly and as beautifully as they can. The numbered indicators on the paint-by-Number canvases are so that they allow one to blend in the color as perfectly as they can without any obvious issues. Thus, one need not to worry so much about their technique as a beginner. However, as you proceed with the crafts project, you may come up with your own techniques, and that is totally recommended!

  1. How to hide the numbers on the canvas?

One pesky issue that people have to deal with while painting with numbers is that the numbers on the canvas often show through their paintings, making the painting appear quite distasteful. Do not worry! Simply apply a second coat over the first one to hide the number and secure the paint’s vibrancy. However, make sure that your first coat of paint has dried before you apply the second coat, to avoid unruly messiness and unfortunate smudging of paint.

  1. What to do if I make a mistake?

If you accidentally put in the wrong color of the paint, do not panic! It is highly possible that you have only put on one coat before you realize your mistake. Let the paint dry. Dip your paintbrush into the correct color of paint, and smoothly paint over the area of your mistake. Let the paint dry, then apply a second, secure coat to seal in your color.

  1. I end up smearing my paint. What do I do?

One of the biggest issues that occur while painting with numbers, and painting in general, is that one may end up smearing their paint accidentally as they work on their canvas. in order to avoid this unfortunate incident, make sure that you start working your way top-down. In this way, you work downwards while your paint dries in the upper portion of the painting.

  1. Do I dilute the paint?

When your Paint-by-Numbers kit arrives, you often look for methods to get the paint in such a state that it is smooth when applied to the canvas. However, instead of looking for diluters and gloss, you simply need to add a bit of water and stir with your paintbrush, then get to work!

  1. How do I secure my painting?

One of the most important things to do during and after the painting is to keep it safe and secure, otherwise your hard work may be subject to ruination. Following are some tips to protect your painting:

  • Keep your workspace clean.
  • Clean your paint brushes often and thoroughly, preferably after every session of painting that you do. Let them air dry.
  • Keep your paint pots tightly shut when not in use. Wet, uncovered paint attracts lint and dust which gets incorporated in your painting.
  • Seal your painting! Use an acrylic sealant, often available at arts and crafts shops.
  • Frame your painting! One of the best ways to protect your painting is to frame it. We have a thorough tutorial for framing your painting right here!

We hope our extensive list helped answer your queries about Paint-by-Numbers!

Happy Painting!

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