How to Work on Paint by Numbers Kit

How to Paint by Numbers, literally:

There are so many aspirations joined with the promise of starting a new crafts project such as Paint-by-Numbers. However, new crafts projects are also quite daunting if one does not know how to handle them, since crafts projects, especially kit crafts, come with a lot of components. A kit craft is a craft that comes in the form of a kit that includes different components that help you to create your project.

Paint-by-Numbers is similarly a project that involves multiple components and certain procedure that allows you to create the final, beautiful masterpiece. In order to understand the intricacies of Paint-by-Numbers, one needs to figure out what is included in the kit and how it is to be used.

Painting by numbers cat

Identifying the Components:

A Paint-By-Numbers kit is composed of the following components:

  • Canvas: Each Paint-by-Numbers canvas is uniquely designed in a manner that an image is printed onto it in high-definition and is split into multiple portions that are indicated by numbers. These numbers are what signify the canvas as a Paint-by-Number’s, as they help one to paint using these numbers as indicators of where to put the paint. The canvases come in various shapes and sizes.
Paint By Numbers Canvas
    • Paint Pots: Each Paint-by-Numbers kit comes with paint pots. These paint pots correspond to the requirements of the painting that you may have ordered. There may be around 30 paint pots, as is generally the case. However, the number of pots may increase or decrease according to the requirements. The paint used for Paint-by-Numbers is
    Paint Pots
      • Paint Brushes: Majority of Paint-by-Numbers kits come with paintbrushes made up of fine material, that has smooth touch to it. These paintbrushes are usually three in number and are designed to meet the requirements of the painting.
      Painting By Numbers Brush set
        • Wooden Stretchers (optional): Wooden stretchers are parts of a frame that can be assembled to stretch the completed, painted canvas and hold it taut within a wooden frame. However, this component is often optional, and one may need to order it separately if required.
        Frame for the Canvas

          Now that you have gotten yourself well-acquainted with the components present in the Paint-by-Numbers kit, you can move on to learn about how one can get on with painting a canvas that is marked by numbers!

          How to do the fun part: Painting by numbers:

          Paint-by-Numbers is the most fun when you get to do the painting part, as this is what sets this craft form apart from other crafts projects. Paint-by-Numbers is a significantly easy crafts project that one can take up, and we are here to show you how! You only have to follow the steps given below:

          1. Prep your Surface

          The most basic part of starting work with your Paint-by-Numbers canvas is to prepare your surface. It is highly recommended that you work with a clean space that is wide and flat, something like a desktop or a marble slab. You do not have to use an easel straight away.


          Clean Surface For Painting
          1. Get The Canvas

          The second most important step of starting the process of painting by numbers is preparing the canvas. often times, the canvases received with the kit are crumpled or ruined due to packaging and shipping procedures. In order to fix your canvas in place, iron it on low heat to remove the wrinkles and place it tautly on top of the workspace you have exclusively created for indulging into paint-by-numbers fully!

          Removing Wrinkles From canvas

          1. Prep the Paints: Brushes and all

          In order to start the process of painting, one needs to sort out their paints and paint brushes. Choose the paint brush that you feel most comfortable working with. Use a container such as a glass or a small bowl as your water container. Use only the paints that are required during the session you are committing to painting. Do not unscrew the lids of all pots and leave the paint unused; it may cause the paint to dry out or be spilled.

          Painting by numbers brushes and paint

          1. Paint!

          This is the most fun part of the whole crafts project. Now that you have your workspace, canvas, paints and paintbrushes ready, start painting! Make sure you keep the following points in mind as you paint:

          • Paint in a top down It ensures that your paint dries as you proceed with your work, hence avoiding the prospect of smudging or ruining the painting.
          • Paint the dark colors first, then move to the light colors.
          • Make sure that the first coat is dry before applying the second coat.
          Painting By numbers tips
            1. Things to avoid

            While painting, you may want to avoid a bunch of things that may damage your painting. Some of the things to avoid as you are filling in the gaps on the canvas with paint are listed below for your convenience:

            • Do not overuse the paint since it may result in smudged paintings or wasted paint.
            • Do not paint without concentration, as it may cause you to paint in the wrong place.
            • Do not paint over wet paint. It will ruin your painting otherwise.
            • Do not use paintbrushesthat are not clean. The residual paint can damage your painting and may even render it beyond correction.
            • Do nothurry to seal the painting. You should let it dry completely before sealing it.
            1. Protect and Present

            When you are done with the whole process of painting, you may want to move on to the process of protecting your painting to increase its lifespan and let it be as new as it is for longer periods of time. In order to do that, cover your completely dry painting (check beforehand) with a layer of sealant such as clear mod podge to give your painting an extra layer of protection that seals in the vibrancy of colors and protects the painting from dust, dirt, lint and weathering.

            Painting By numbers kit

            Once you have protected your painting using sealants, make sure that you present your stunning masterpiece! What is the point of having a beautiful Paint-by-Numbers canvas that is not being presented? In order to present your work of art, you need to stretch out your canvas and frame it so it can be seen and admired by everyone! To find out how to stretch and frame your canvas, please see our thorough tutorial, given exclusively by us here at Epic Paint-by-Numbers!

            We hope that you are satisfied by this blog post aimed at helping you ease into the process of painting by numbers. Now that you have been provided with the basic idea of how to use a Paint-by-Numbers kit, along with little tidbits of wisdom and tricks, we urge you to rush to our vast variety of Paint-by-Numbers canvases, pick the one that speaks to you the most, order it and get to work!

            Happy Painting!